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Fern Ferreira studied Reiki and Energy Healing Work under Reiki Master Natalie Northover, in the systems of Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and Lightarian Reiki. She became Reiki Master/Teacher herself in 2010 (RMA/NHA). In 2011 she qualified CT-Hyp in Therapeutic Hypnosis under one of the world pioneers in the field, Andy Tomlinson (PLRA UK/Spain). She did Past Life Regression training with John Dutton, leader in Modern Hypnotherapy Research in South Africa (SAMHA/GMTI/GHSc).

Fern is trained in various Shamanic modalities, including Soul Retrieval/Extraction, Munay Ki Rites and Channeling. She continues studying with Master Shaman and Medium, Samantha Jayne Donbavand (PLRA Spain).

Fern is a qualified Life/Neuro Coach (KimCoach 2014), combining techinques of Biofeedback and NLP into her coaching (Comensa/IAC/SETA). She also holds various diplomas in the Financial Sector and is continuously studying and developing her experience in Financial Management and Legislation.

With the combined knowledge and training of various disciplines, Fern’s approach to her work assures her client’s the best possible tools and support in their Journey.

Fern is also qualified in Aromatherapy/Hotstone Massage and she just loves to help her clients relax and take time out. Fern was a professional Ballroom/Latin American Dance instructor with Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios Florida (2007-2011) and holds her Doctorate at International Examiners Level. She won Best Teacher Florida and was second in the National Teacher Tournament. (2010). Her love for dancing and teaching is matched only by her passion for Service and Development.

“As my knowledge and experience with Reiki and Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy grew, I realised this was not just a curiosity, but a calling.  A desire to share these wonderful Healing modalities with others began to stir in me and I knew this is what I should be doing!!  It is my sincere wish to be able to assist others to take responsibility for their own healing and to enrich their lives with the tools that Reiki and Hypnotherapy/Regression Therapy offers.  I want to share in the process of our evolution to Higher consciousness and be a friend to those who need one” – Fern

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  1. Candice Cardoso says:


    i am very interested in your hypnotherapy. how many sessions do you recommend to experience a shift in your life?

    kindest regards


    • fern says:

      Hi Candice:-)

      As with anything that takes practise, Hypnotherapy is not a’quick fix’. It requires commitment and a strong desire for change in your life in any particular area you want to work on. About 3-5 sessions lays a good foundation to start shifting thought patterns and developing new, healthy habits…and depending on your personal situation we can go from there..


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